yes. (killerhands) wrote in the_winslow,

ATTN band members...

hey i don't know how else to get in touch with everybody besides individually contacting everyone which i don't really know how to do (next time at practice i should probably write down all of your numbers or something)....i hope that you guys will see this and reply.

i was just contacted by that guy ben who came to our last show with spit for athena about booking us for a show on may 16th in quincy at a place called grinderz with OME, RU486, South Bay Bessie, Awake At Last, and possibly more, and unfortunately derek has some prior obligations on may 16th so we would be out a guitar player if we played that show. he and i agreed that we should just let ben know that we can't play the show instead of trying to have someone fill in, but i thought i should run it by everybody because i didn't want to step on any toes.

so let me know how you feel about it so i can do something, mmkay?

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